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ptip_star's Journal

the P-Tip ST★R: S.F's Premiere On-Line Tabloid
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Welcome to the P-Tip ST★R, your number one source for all gossip on the P-Tip.

Q) "What is the P-Tip ST★R?"
A) The P-Tip ST★R is the very first online tabloid, exclusive to the San Francisco Penninsula.

Q) "Where is the P-Tip?" you may be asking..
A) Well, technically it's the whole penninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bascically all cities in the San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

If you feel the need to express a view on certain situations (on the p-tip) in any shape or form, then this is the place.
To subscribe to the P-Tip ST★R, send an e-mail to stdgoblin@mac.com.