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sorry to inform people on lj of this butt....

due to lack of time and proper planning, ive decided to cancel my bundle of fun "TURTLEPALOOZA II". if i knew earlier thsat i was going to be hired i would have let my parents know ahead of time that i wanted to stay home for the summer when they go on vacation, but a room was reserved for me on the four day trip in l.a.

yeah i know, call me a lame ass and not sticking up for myself to stay home, but its not like last year where i had two months to plan everything/go on my own vacation. since i didnt have any of that this year, turtlepalooza II will have to wait for another day, but look on the bright side.

between now and the end of the year, its possible to have like, two turtlepalooza's.
how's that for initiative?
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