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breath of life has entered "turtlepalooza II"

the turtle times in affliation with the p-tip star reports that local p-tip all-star and celebrity dave "turtle boy" velasco, has undergone extensive thought procedures for a possible sequel to last years "turtlepalooza", which took place on the nite of august 2, 2003. this is one of those events that has been in the making since its predecessors inception.

rumors are circulating that it will be a strictly "green shell" event, meaning some article of clothing or body part must be the color green. also in the rumor mill, is that it will be a "turtle-to-you" invite, meaning if you arent invited by by the turtle himself, or either of the infamous party council (izus straight_flakes nickfifteen) you arent getting in. also learning from the super smash "st. casa day" party, invites are "plus one" meaning you may bring one guest if you wish. turtle boy and co. will strictly enforce this with a swift kick in the ass down the stairs.

r.s.v.p now at 650-303-1423
check back with the p-tip star for more news.
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