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P-Tip Star Rebroadcast of the Article "Hangin' With The Balls"

A coworker of mine at Longs, Rochelle, invited me to a venue in SF known as Bottom of the Hill to see a band known as Storm and the Balls. At first I was reluctant, but then I figured I'd just be spontaneous and go... I mean, me being spontaneous did allow me to discover the Rivalz. :D Rochelle invited me figuring that I was big on music (and I am), and thought that I would like Storm and the Balls (and I did).

We got there a little later than it opened, so we missed the first band El Fay. We caught the second band, Inspect Her Gadget, which was a really impressive grrl punk band out of Oakland (Jen, you would have LOVED them). I'll probably end up buying their CD. The venue itself sort of looked like a Chevy's resturant. It was packed with 17-year-old Straight Edgers and old guys, and everything inbetween.

Storm and the Balls were really amazing. The lead singer is Storm, who is extremely.. and I mean EXTREMELY seductive. And I rarely ever use that word to describe a female. :D In fact, sometimes I could catch myself thinking that she was singing to me! ... The rest of the band apparently was Everclear (minus the lead singer), but I guess now they're The Balls. Good times.

The music they played were mostly cover songs, only loungified. Storm reminded me of one of those sexy sexy lounge singers, with the way she moved and sang. She put on a very good act, and had a great sense of humor... it wasn't much of a fancy concert, but it was pretty damn fun for a venue band. ;) Here's a quick movie thingy I took with my camera phone. The quality sucks, though you might be able to notice a song or two.

Here's some more images.

At the end of the concert, I was very much inclined to buy her CD. And so I did. Thank God I found that free $25 at work! I went and had her sign it; I told her it was my virgin Storm and the Balls experience, thus what she worte. Good times.

All in all, it was a wonderful night! I'm glad I went along with Rochelle, rather than rot away at home and not doing anything meaingfull. Yay!
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